XI New Year's Dinner with the Stars

On Saturday, January 9, Jeff's Restaurant Pole Mokotowskie hosted the eleventh edition of the New Year's Dinner with the Stars. According to tradition, 300 Children from Child Care Homes have been invited to that event by Verena Jarczyńska. Not only Polish Children have received their invitations this year, but also Children from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia have been invited. These were pupils of the Polish Community junior and senior high schools in Warsaw, who study in Poland, far away from their family homes.

Meeting with people, whom they only know from the TV screen is an unforgettable experience for the Children.  In addition to collecting autographs and taking pictures of with the celebrities, there were prepared many other attractions, inter alia: balloons, American footballers, shows performed by Zalewski circus, contests, clowns, animators with soap bubbles. There was also live music featuring Saszan, Paweł Stasiak and a performance of Hip-Hop dancers Fabka Wiśniewska i Zosia Gładysz under the guidance of Marta Wiśniewska. The Guests could get some respite from attractions when the dinner was served. it was Jeff's special menu prepared especially for the Children.

Same as in the previous years the Dinner had support from Agata Kornhauser-Duda, Beata Szydło and Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. The First Lady has prepared a special surprise for the Children - an invitation for excursion around the Presidential Palace and a surprise dessert. The prime Minister Beata Szydło has participated in this event for the first time, she prepared a gift for each child. As in the previous years the President of Warsaw has been with us, she has prepared generous gifts, boxes of sweets as well as school and stationery supplies for every institution.

Each Child has received a welcome gift - a big bag of presents - it was possible thanks to the generosity of businesses and individuals: Jeff’s Restaurant, Adam Bachleda-Curuś, Aquafresh, Carex, Carinia, Piotr Chodzeń, Coca-Cola, Discovery Networks CEEMEA, Erbud, Ferrero, Foksal-Grupa Wydawnicza, F&F, 4F, Gala, Gedeon Richter, GData Simply Secure, HSH Chemie, Inglot, Cukiernia Kandulski, Klinika Ambroziak, Lentivu, Luksja, Orange, Original Source, Perfecta, Procter&Gamble, Rossmann, Swarowski, Si-Mi.

Presence of more than 88 wonderful, famous and good people has added lustre to the event.

We invite you to visit our Photo Gallery where you can see pictures of the event.