Hurray! Hurray! :) :)

Jeff's took 2nd place in the  USA Championship!

On 26.09. SUPER BOAT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP - a championship for the fastest motorboat, was held in w Clearwater, Florida. Jeff's boat, navigated by Will Smith took second place.

We are very proud of the silver gained across the ocean.

If you have not seen the coverage on TV we encourage you to visit the website Dzień Dobry TVN (click here) and Co za tydzień (click here)!!!!!!

Christmas Dinner with the Stars - January 12, 2013

As every year, a New Year's Dinner with the Stars was held in our restaurant Jeff's Pole Mokotowskie in Warsaw. The dinner is organized for children from child care homes from all over Poland, while the roles of waiters and animators are taken by show-business, movie and sports Celebrities, who not only provide a professional service but also take pictures with the children and talk about their work. Some of the Celebrities added lustre to the event with their performances.

It is worth mentioning that the New Year's Dinner with the Stars has already become a tradition dating back to 2005. Initially it used to be held at the Restaurant Podwale 25 - Piwna Kompania, also in Warsaw. Materials from previous events can be found here.

We encourage you to browse the following materials on the New Year's Dinner with the Stars.

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